Digital Marking Gauge

Digital Marking Gauge
ZMM 5000

- Umique precision measurig instrument for rapid determination of the
  dry film thickness of road markings and similar coatings.
- Digital display providing reliable measuring results within seconds.
- Measurements relative to the substrate or to the marking itself are possible.
- Optional measuring bridge for measurements over the whole width of he
  marking for representative measurements on wide road markings as well as
  to sketch a cross-section.
- Easy to operate.
- Sturdy construction and ergonomic design.
- As an option, equipment for additional applications. 

For cost and quality reasons the determination of both , the wet and dry thickness has become more important during the last years.The ZMM 5000 is especially designed for measuring the dry film thickness as from 1mm ( 0.04") of road markings.In comparison with the conventional ZMP 5010 Marking - wedge gauge it provides digital measuring values.

Application areas
- for trafficauthorities,road laboratories,manufacturers of road markings and contractors
- for all types of road markings with or without drop-on materials and reflective beads.
- for direct measurements on site on the road or of samples in the laboratory.

- digital display providing reliable measuring results within seconds
- easy to handle 
- measurements relative to the substrate or to the marking itself are possible  (upwards and downwards measurements)
- as an option,bridge for measurements over the whole width of the marking for measurements on wide road marking as well 
  as to wide sketch a cross-section  

Standard delivery
1 x marking gauge with display in mm
1 x certificate of manufacturer 
1 x carrying case

- ACC075 measuring bridge adjustable in width
- ACC033 portable statistics printer
- ACC181 PC-connection set ( 1 connection cable IDS / IDC / IDU, 1interface Mitutoyo DMX )
- ZMK 5051 , 5053 und 5054 Road marking control kits 
- ZMM 5000,inch display mm / inch changeable
- ACC590 calibration and certification ( incl.certificate )

- place the marking gauge with the three feet onto (figure 1 ) or beside ( figure2 ) the marking to be measured
- press the measuring arm downwards until it is on the marking or,respectively on the substrare
- read off the measured value 
- optional measuring bridge is placed on the substrate on both sides of the marking ( figure3 ) 
Technical specification
Material red anodised aluminium
Measuring range -12.5mm. to +12.5mm. (- 0.5" to + 0.5" optional)
Resulution 10µm (0.4 mil )
Resolution min.50mm x 80mm ( 2" 3.2") 
Display digital
Dimensions 180mm x 70mm x76mm (7.1" X 2.8"X  3. 0")
Weight 880g  (1.9 Ibs)
Standards EN 13197
Warranty  2 years / 1 year digimatic indicator
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