Toz Test Bandı

Dust Test Tape

The Dust Test Tape and Dust Test Chart assess the quantity and
size of dust particles on steel surfaces prepared for painting. Dust
particles on blast-cleaned steel surfaces may reduce the adhesion
of applied coatings, and by absorbing moisture may promote the
corrosion of the steel surface.

Accumulation of dust particles occurs more naturally on horizontal
surfaces, the interior of pipes and in structural cavities. Inspection
should be carried out to ensure that such areas are adequately
cleaned and free from dust particles before painting.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive Tape is pressed on to the steel surface prepared for painting. The Tape with the dust particles adhering to it is removed and placed on the Dust Test Comparator Chart in a section which contrasts to that of the dust particles and is examined visually. The quantity of dust particles adhering to the tape and the dust particle size are then compared.

The Dust Test Comparator Chart shows 5 classifications of dust particles and four sections of contrasting backgrounds where the Tape can be applied. All details necessary to identify the surface tested can be written on the Chart.

Complies With Intenational Standard ISO 8502-3.

The pictorial references on the Dust Test Comparator Chart, relate to the dust particles in the following classes:

0. Dust particles not visible under X10 magnification.

1. Dust particles visible under X10 magnification but not with normal or corrected vision (usually particles less than 50µm in diameter).

2. Dust particles just visible with normal or corrected vision (usually particles between 50µm and 100µm in diameter).

3. Dust particles clearly visible with normal or corrected vision (particles up to 0.5mm diameter).

4. Dust particles between 0.5mm and 2.5mm in diameter.

5. Dust particles larger than 2.5mm in diameter.

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