Inspector Flashlight

TQC Inspector Flashlight

Product description
A compact portable power-LED illumination system for professional
use. The ultra powerful LED flashlight projects an extreme bright
beam of light with a maximum reach of 300 meter. By means of an
optical lens the light beam can be focused from concentrated
spotlight to floodlight. The light beam can also be dimmed to 50%.
The rechargeable Li-Ion battery guarantees a runtime of max. 6 hours.
Due to the second battery in the standard supply and dual charging
system the light can be used 24 hours per day. The Li-Ion battery can
be charged straight in the flashlight or in the external charger that is


Application area’s
Inspection of poorly lit area such as (ballast)tanks, cargo holds, confined spaces etc..


Standard delivery
Flashlight with adjustable and dimmable beam and build-in charger, two pieces Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, extra external charging unit, wrist strap, belt-holster, 110-230V mains adapter and 12V car charger.

Technical specifications
Dimensions       :147 X 37 / 21 mm.
Power               : Li-Ion battery (3,7V, 2500mAh)
Light Source      : Ultra high-output LED assembly
Light Output      : max. 250 Lumen
Effective reach   : 100 – 300 meter
Material            : CNC machined  and titanium hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum
IP Grade           : P67 dust and waterproof
Runtime            : 3 hours in Hi-mode/ 6 hours in Low-mode
Weight              : 183 gr.


      TQC Inspectors Light     Mag Charger
 Burn time  Max. 12 hours/ Min 4 hours Max. 2 hours
 Lumen   Max. 250 / Min. 20  218
 Battery Type   Li-ion NiCad
 Weight   115 g 907 g
 Dimensions   L123 x D27 mm L 320 X D 40 mm
 Light Source   Hi-Power LED  Krypton Bulb
 Adjustable Beam angle   √
 Charger included 
 Holster Included  -
 Laynyard Included  -
 Unbreakable Light Source  -
 Switcheable Light Power -
 Optical Reflector
 Pocket Size  -
 Global AC Rechargeable -
Outer material aerospace-grade
aluminum, anodised
Extra battery included -
External Charger included -
Internal Charger included
12 V car charger included  √

Special care
• Though robust in design, this instrument is precision-machined. Never drop it or knock it over
• Clean threads and o-ring at least twice a year and lubricate with some silicon oil.
• Clean the instrument using a soft dry cloth. Never clean the instrument by any mechanical means such as a wire brush or abrasive
  paper. This may cause, just like the use of aggressive cleaning agents, permanent damage.

Safety Precautions
• Flashlight can become hot when in use over a longer period. Do not leave the light burning unattended and keep it away from
  combustible materials.
• Always make sure the instrument’s power is turned off while changing the battery.
• Li-Ion batteries do not coantain any heavy metals but make sure to dispose them in a proper way. 

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