Viscosity Cup ASTM D1200 FORD immersion type

Viscosity Cup Immersion Ford is a titanium anodized
aluminum viscosity cup with stainless steel inner cavity
fixed nozzle and handle. Ideal for measuring coatings
and other fluids during application or production.

The process of flow through an orifice can often be used
as a relative measurement and classification of viscosity.
This measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed
in seconds of flow time which can be converted into
Centistokes using a viscosity disc calculator. Dip cups can
be used to provide a quick viscosity measurement on the shop floor or on site.

Compatible with ASTM D 1200. Check the appropriate standard for a correct execution of the test.

•Each cup has a long loop handle to allow the cup to be dipped by handinto a liquidcontainer
which makes it easy to quickly check and adjust the viscosity of many different type of liquids.
•The design of the cup and orifice eliminate hard to clean recesses.
•TQC Sheen viscosity cups are made under the continuing quality control procedures.
•Each cup is provided with an engraved unique serial number.

•Each viscosity cup comes with a hard plastic storage case, with protective soft material on the inside.


Article Number Product Descr. Ø Orifice (mm) Visc. Range (cSt) Flow times (sec)
VF2087 No 4 4.1 70-370 30-100
* For information purposes only; all approximate values at 25 °C.

CL0030 Calibration Certificate (if applicable)
DI0076 Stopwatch Type C510 digital LCD-display, 9h. 59 min. 59,99 sec. 
VF2053 Viscosity Conversion Disc


Cup: titanium anodized aluminum, 103.5 cm³ Handle: stainless steel 
Nozzle: stainless steel, fixed Complies with: ASTM D1200

Weight: 173 gram Cup height: 73 mm
Maximum Width:  63 mm Total height: 253 mm

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