Taber Abraser TB0156 - TB0157

Taber Abrasion is used to determine relative resistance to abrasion
defined as ‘the ability of a material to withstand mechanical damage’
such as rubbing, scraping or erosion.

The Taber Abraser is an industry standard used in the wear and durability
testing of parquet, metals, leather, textiles, rubber, lacquered surfaces,
carpets, coatings etc.. Single or dual versions available. A wide range of
accessories and options is available.
Taber tests involve mounting a flat specimen approximately 100mm square
or round to a turntable platform that rotates on a vertical axis at a fixed
speed. The standard material thickness that can be evaluated with the
Taber Rotary Abraser is 6.35 mm (materials greater than 6.35 mm but less
than 40 mm can be tested with optional accessories). Two genuine Taber
abrasive wheels, whichare applied at a specific pressure, are lowered onto
the specimen surface.

Taber Test DiagramCharacteristic rub-wear action is produced by contact of
the test specimen against the sliding rotation of the two abrading wheels.
As the turntable rotates, the wheels are driven by the sample in opposite
directions about a horizontal axis displaced tangentially from the axis of
the sample. One abrading wheel rubs the specimen outward toward the
periphery and the other, inward toward the center while a vacuum system
removes loose debris during the test. The wheels traverse a complete circle
on the specimen surface, revealing abrasion resistance at all angles relative
to the weave or grain of the material. The resulting abrasion marks form
a pattern of crossed arcs in a circular band that cover an area approximately 30 cm2.

Each turntable has dual abrading arms that are precision balanced. Independently operated, the abrading arms
can be raised (or lowered) to mount or inspect specimens. Each arm is precision balanced and will apply a load
of 250 grams against the specimen, exclusive of the weight of the wheel. To increase the load to 500 or 1000
grams, a mount for auxiliary weights is located on the outside of the abrading wheel bearing assembly. This
location ensures that weights are concentric with the abrading wheel. A stud on the rear end of the abrading
arm is used to carry an optional counterweight  (used to reduce the load by 50, 125, 150 or 175 grams).

Taber Abrasers Model 5135 or 5155 offer the following standard features:
* Specimen turntable speed control options of both 60 rpm and 72 rpm.
* Easy-to-use operator interface that includes tactile feel buttons and a four line digital display. 
  Simple on-screen instructions allow the operator to change the test parameters via the MENU button. An internal memory
  stores the settings.
* A vacuum system is included and is critical for the proper operation of the instrument.  The vacuum nozzle(s) is hinged
  to an adjustable mounting at the rear of the housing.  A precision vacuum nozzle adjustment control allows the height to
  be modified for accommodating varying specimen thickness.
* Stainless steel weights are furnished to provide standard wheel loads of 500 or 1000 grams. 
  Weights are actually 250 or 750 grams, but are marked to show total load on each wheel.
  This marking includes the weight of the abrading arm (250 grams).
* A Quick Release Mounting Hub permits quick wheel mounting without the need of a locking nut, increased clearance
  for the vacuum pick-up nozzle and a larger viewing area for the test specimen.  A beveled retaining nut provides
  a positive locking force on the wheel hub retaining lip making certain that the wheels remain securely fastened until   
* Assembled in a sturdy, sealed aluminum housing.

Complies with virtually all relevant international standards such as:
EN 438-2 • EN 660-2 • EN 13329:E • EN 13672 • EN 13696 • EN 14431 • EN 14864 • EN ISO 5470-1 • ASTM D1044 •
ASTM D3389 • ASTM D3730 • ASTM D3884 • ASTM D4060 • ASTM D4685 • ASTM D4712 • ASTM D5146 • ASTM D5324 •
ASTM D6037 • ASTM D7255 • ASTM F362 • ASTM F510 • ASTM F1478 • BS 3900 • DIN 52347 • DIN 53109 • DIN 53754 •
DIN 53799 • DIN 68861 T2 • ISO 7784-2 • ISO 9352 • TAPPI T476 • NEN 1857 • …
Order Information

- TB0156 Taber 5135 Single Head Abraser Set
- TB0157 Taber 5155 Dual Head Abraser Set
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