Metal Et Kalınlık Ölçümü

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge

Description :
Ultrasonic thickness gauge specifically designed to measure the thickness
of metallic and non-metallic materials e.g. aluminium, titanium, plastics,
ceramics, glass and plastics It can also be used to monitor all types
of pipes and pressure vessels for loss of thickness due to corrosion or
erosion. The gauge is easy to use and, after a simple calibration to a known
thickness or sound velocity, the gauge will give accurate readings to an
accuracy of 0.5%.

Sound velocities of 11 different materials are pre-set, or choose user-set
sound velocity (range 500-9000 m/s).

Application area’s :
Construction/building maintenance, Galvanise, Shipping Industry, Steel Protection.

Features :
• Small in size;  light in weight; easy to carry.
• Convenient to use and operate
• 11 preset sound velocities and one user-set
• Simple calibration procedure

Additional Information :
Material Selection

 Nr.   Code   Material
 1   cd01  Steel
 2   cd02   Cast iron
 3   cd03  Aluminum
 4   cd04   Red copper
 5   cd05   Brass
 6   cd06   Zinc
 7   cd07   Quartz glass
 8   cd08   Polyethylene
 9   cd09   PVC
 10   cd10   Gray cast iron
 11   cd11   Nodular cast iron
 12   xxxx   Sound velocity


Aluminium   6260
Steel  5900
Gold  3240
Glycerin  1920
Copper  4700
Brass  4640
Polypropylene  2730
Silver 3 600
Water at 20°C   1480
Water-glass  2350
Zinc   4170
Tin  3230

Specifications : 
Measuring method       : Ultrasonic pulse echo
Measuring frequency    :  5MHz
Measuring range          :  1.20 - 200 mm (steel); Actual range varies with the types of material measured
Accuracy                    :  +/- (0.5%H ± 0.1) mm
Sound velocity             :  500 - 9,000 m/s
Display                       :  large LCD display
Resolution                   : 0.1mm
Working temperature    :  0 ºC ~ +50 ºC
Power Supply              :  4 AAA alkaline batteries (total 6.0V)
Weight                        :  160g (main unit); 40g (probe)

Delivery :
• Ultrasonic wall thickness gauge LD7008
• Coupling gel
• Ultrasonic sensor
• 4 x AAA batteries
• Manual
• Carrying case

Use :
Press the ultrasonic sensor  on the material surface to measure on the premise that the material code selected is correct. Be sure that coupling is well and the symbol ((•)) is on. The reading on display is the measurement value. The reading is held until a new measurement value is coming.

Maintenance :
Clean the plastics, display, keys and sensor with a soft damp cloth. Never clean by mechanical means like scourers, or solvents like alcohol or benzene. 

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