Viscosity Cup ASTM D1200 FORD


The TQC Viscosity Cup ASTM D1200 Ford is a range of titanium
anodized aluminum or stainless steel viscosity cups with fixed stainless
steel nozzle (inner cavity). the viscosity cups are suitable for laboratory
use with a stand. Widly used for measuring paint, lacquers and other liquids.
The process of flow through an orifice can often be used as a relative
measurement and classification of viscosity. This measured kinematic
viscosity is generally expressed in seconds of flow time which can be
converted into Centistokes using a viscosity disc calculator. Viscosity
Flow Cups are used for measuring the consistency of paints, varnishes
and other similar products.


ASTM D 1200. Look up the appropriate standard for a correct execution of the test.


•A relatively deep well surrounding the top of the cup serves to catch any overflow.
•The design of the cup and orifice eliminate hard to clean recesses.
•The outside dimensions have been chosen to support the TQC stands.
•TQC viscosity cups are made under the continuing quality control procedures.
•Each cup is provided with an engraved unique serial number.


Each viscosity cup comes with a hard plastic storage case, with protective soft material on the inside.ORDERING


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