UV Inspection Light

UV Inspection light - Innova X5

Product description
Extremely robust and compact ultra-violet inspection light with
5 ultra bright LED light sources for maximum performance at
minimum power consumption.

Application area’s
Inspection tool mainly for field-use of visual inspection of
(blast) cleaned surface for the presence of certain organic greases
or other contaminations.
Also suitable for porosity tests in combination with luminescent
primers during tank coating jobs.

• UV-LED’s generate a strong beam of UV-light without using 
  a filter that absorbs about 85% of the illumination power, like with
  conventional light sources.
• Low power consumption for long lasting performance.
• Extreme durable, crush proof to 900Kg.

Technical specifications
Light source          : 5 super-brilliant LED lamps with optic-enhancing reflectors
Spectral range       : 395 nm
Effective range       : 3 meter distance
Power source        : 2 x CR123A (3V) lithium batteries w/10-year shelf life
Battery lifetime      : up to 20 hours
Material                : precision machined aircraft aluminium body with military-grade, type III titanium anodizing. 
                              Patented stainless steel head with recessed LED lamps
Operating range     : -30° to +60°C
Dimensions           : 120 X 22(Ø) mm.
Weight                  : 100 gram

Standard delivery
Flashlight and batteries.

Optional Items
LD7214  Battery set of 2 CR123A (3V) lithium batteries.
LD7212  Safety goggles with yellow glass for optimal contrast.

Turn end-cap clockwise to switch on and anti-clockwise to switch off.

Safety Precautions
No diving light, do not use underwater!

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