Automatic Film Applicator Standard

(AB4120, AB4220, AB4320, AB4420)

Product Description
The Automatic Film Applicator provides a reliable basis to apply coating
films to test charts, panels or foils in a uniform and reproducible way
in order to eliminate variations caused by human factors. Variations in
speed pressure and direction of draw down cause irregularities. Other
factors that may influence the result are the shear rate and the weight
of the applicator.  It’s possible to produce a large number of identical
laboratory precision draw downs in a short period of time. The quality
of the applied film is important for research on rheological properties
of the applied media. To prepare samples for testing rheological
properties, abrasion resistance, hiding power and gloss the Automatic
film applicator is a must have. Multiple types of automatic film applicators
are available for either glass/paper/metal substrates or foils. 

• Charts up to A3 and scrub size max.
• Compatible with a large range of application tools
• Drying Time Recorder option
• Preset range option
• Easy intuitive operating interface with Triple i Control (Intelligent Illumination Interface)
• Paper Clamp / Vacuum manually operable
• Full color display
• Easy to update software

Coating Laboratories, Paint Production, Surface Finishing, Powder Coating.


Scope of Supply
• Automatic Film Applicator Standard 
• 24V Adapter • Manual 
• Wire Bar Weight 

Only supplied with AB4120: 
• Glass Bed 

Only supplied with AB4220: 
• Perforated Vacuum Bed 

Only supplied with AB4320: 
• Double Channel Vacuum Bed

Technical Data    
Traverse speed : 0.1 - 500 mm/s
Traverse speed accuracy : +/- 1% of set speed
Stroke length : 50 - 430 mm / 1.97 16.34 in
Stroke length accuracy : +/- 2 mm / +/- 0.08 in
Max. test chart size : 515 x 300 mm / 20.28 x 11.81 in
Max. test chart thickness : 9 mm / 0.35 in
Max. thickness of test substrate : 35 mm / 1.38 in incl. coating 
Max. vacuum area : DIN A3 / Scrub
Automatic vacuum areas : DIN A5, DIN A4, DIN A3, Scrub
Wire bar spiral area : max. 325 mm / max. 12.8 in
Min. Wire bar length : 345 mm / 13.58 in
Max. Wire bar diameter : 10 mm / 0.39 in at fixation points
Width alternative applicators : max. 300 mm / max. 11.81 in
Height alternative applicators : 10 -80 mm / 0.39 - 3.15 in
Dimensions and Weight    
Depth : 490 mm / 19.29 in
Width : 640 mm / 25.2 in
Height : 290 mm / 11.42 in
Net weight : 33 kg
Basic Unit    
Power supply : 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption : max. 50 W
Display : 480 x 272 pixel TFT display
Controls : 5-button navigation
Mouse keyboard (optional)
Menu languages                : English, Spanish, Chinese,
Polish, German, French,
Italian, Japanese, Russian

Ordering Information    
AB4120 : Automatic Film Applicator Standard
    (Glass Bed)
AB4220 : Automatic Film Applicator Standard
    (Perforated Vacuum Bed)
AB4320 : Automatic Film Applicator Standard
    (Double Channel Vacuum Bed)
AB4420 : Automatic Film Applicator Standard
    (Combined, without Bed)
AB3075 : Grindometer Tool
AB3090 : Hardness Pen Tool
AB3500 : Drying Time Recorder Tool
AB4600 : Block Applicator Weight
A large range of applicators is suitable for the Automatic Film Applicator Standard.
For more information about the applicators we refer to our website.

Spare Parts    
AB4000 : SBR rubber place mat, 70 shore A
AB4130 : Glass Bed
AB4200 : Perforated vacuum bed
AB4205 : Perforated vacuum bed (Stainless steel)
AB4300 : Double channel vacuum bed
AB4305 : Double channel vacuum bed (Stainless steel)


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