Küllenme Öncesi Toz Boya Kalınlık Ölçüm Cihazı - PowderTag


PowderTAG measures powder coating thickness before and after cure,
non-contact and non-destructive. A sophisticated combination of ultraviolet
and infrared techniques measures the thickness of powder coatings in
precured and cured status, precise and reproducible.

PowderTAG is a non-contact production tool, developed for use at the
paint-line. Because the PowderTAG’s pulse does not need to be
perpendicular, and has a small measuring spot, the PowderTAG is
very suitable to accurately determine the layer thickness on small,
curved or hard to reach objects. Even on wire frames or small
corners and edges. A LED pointer assists in determining the
correct distance and location.

Due to the non-contact measuring principle parts can be tested on a slow
moving line without damaging the coating. For higher line speeds it is
recommended to remove the part of the line via a bypass or stop the line.

*Measures on any metal substrate such as steel and aluminum
*Large measuring range, up to 300 μm
*Save on rework and reject
*Perfect for hard to reach areas.
*Correct distance/location measurement indication by LED-Pointers
*Suitable for almost any type of powder, both uncured and cured
*Fast measurements

Scope of supply

*Sensor with Cable
*Display Unit
*8x Li-Ion Batteries Type 14500 + Quad Charger
*Rubber Harness
*Verification Tool

Ordering information
LD5860 – PowderTAG Thickness Analysing Gauge

Accessories / Optional Items

LD5852 – Distance-cap
LD5851 – Height adjustable stand pro
LD5853 – Height adjustable stand basic


Measuring Range : 50 – 300 μm
Accuracy : +/- 3%
Resolution : +/- 1%
Measuring Distance : ≈ 35 mm / 1.38 inch
Measuring Spot : ø 1 mm / ø 0.04 inch
Measuring Speed : 64 – 1024 ms
Main Unit Mass : 700 g / 24.7 oz
Battery lifetime : 10 hours of continuous use

DIN-EN 15042-2

Point the probe at the surface at the right distance. LED-Pointers will indicate the
correct distance / location. When the three LED pointers merge into one spot the
distance and location are correct. Then press the “measure” button.

The right of technical modifications is reserved. Please refer to our terms and conditions
as published on our website.

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