Kurutma Fırını Sıcaklık Ölçüm ve Kayıt / Curve-X3 Basit

CX3005, CX3010

The CurveX 3 Basic is an oven recorder designed for daily use in powder 
coating lines.
CurveX 3 Basic a 4-channel temperature data logger is built in a sturdy 
machined aluminium case that fulfils the basic needs for quality control 
in powder coating applications. Its ease of use and affordable price level
makes it the ideal job-coaters instrument.
TQC has a wide range of interchangeable probes and heat barriers available
that allow the CurveX 3 Basic to be used over the whole temperature range. 
All CurveX insulation boxes and CurveX probes, and the single heat absorber
/ bracket can be used with the CurveX 3 Basic. (See accessory list)
• Operate through only 3 large buttons
• Meaningful feedback of multi coloured LED’s
• Factory calibrated for immediate use
• Downloads data through a standard USB port
• Rechargeable battery pack through USB connector
• Large memory of max. 160.000 readings
• Memory for 10 different batches, automatically overwrites the oldest results
• Programmable “paint type” memory for immediate “pass / fail” result
• Flat design, only 16 mm, for use in low clearance ovens
• Compatible with Ideal Finish Analysis software
CX3005 CurveX 3 Basic Data Logger comes with: 
• CX3004 CurveX 3 Basic  datalogger 
• CM1105 USB Cable
• GL0103 USB Memory Stick with Ideal Finish Analysis software
• CX5010 Ideal Finish Analysis License Key 
• CL0018 Factory calibrated, calibration certificate included
• CX3059 Small protective case
CX3010 CurveX 3 Basic Data Logger Kit comes with
• CX3004 CurveX 3 Basic  datalogger 
• CM1105 USB Cable
• GL0103 USB Memory Stick with Ideal Finish Analysis software
• CX5010 Ideal Finish Analysis License Key 
• CL0018 Factory calibrated, calibration certificate included
• CX2005 Insulationbox
• CX3050 Insulation box logger bracket 
CX3060 Plastic Carrying Case
CX3005 CurveX 3 Basic Oven Logger 
CX3010 CurveX 3 Basic Oven Logger Kit
CurveX 3 Basic logger
Measuring range           : 0 °C to 500 °C / 32 °F to 932 °F 
Operating temperature   : 0 °C to 60 °C / 32 °F to 140 °F 
Accuracy                     : ±1 °C / 1.8 °F
Channels                     : 4
Sample interval time     : 1 s to 60 min
Memory                       : 10 batches with 16000, or 1 batch with 160000 readings
Display                        : Three multi-colour LED’s
Interface                      : USB
Housing material          : Anodised Aluminium
Dimensions (DxWxH)   : 100 x 85 x 16 mm / 3.94 x 3.35 x 0.63 inch
Power supply               : Rechargeable battery
Battery life time            : 1200 hour continuous use,  27 years in stand-by
Weight                         : 190 g / 6.7 oz.
TQC Ideal Finish Analysis software
Supported Operating Systems : Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1
Platform                                : 32 b or 64 b
Memory                                 : 32 MB
Required Hard Disk space      : 128 MB
The CurveX 3 Basic is placed in an insulated box before it passes through the oven. The instrument measures and registers the temperature at several places of the work piece. The preset paint type specification is evaluated against the temperature over time resulting in a clear cure pass or fail. The measurements are uploaded to a PC via the oven temperature data logger‘s USB port and analysed using the Ideal Finish software program.
• Though robust in design, this instrument is precision-machined. Never drop it or knock it over.
• Always clean the instrument after use. 
• Clean the instrument using a soft dry cloth. Never clean the instrument by any mechanical means such as a wire brush or 
  abrasive paper. This may cause, just like the use of aggressive cleaning agents, permanent damage. 
• Do not use compressed air to clean the instrument. 
• Always keep the instrument in its case when not in use.
• We recommend annual calibration.

Batteries in carry-on baggage (aircraft cabin)
The battery employed in our CurveX 3 Basic is a generic single cell Lithium-Ion battery, 3.7V 1400mAh. The battery employed in the CurveX 3 Basic has a capacity of 5.18 Watt-hours, and is rated for 
low-power use only. A protection circuitry has been applied to the CurveX 3 Basic mainboard as per best practice.
Based on US DOT regulations (49 CFR, Sec. 175.10), the CurveX 3 Basic battery satisfies all demands, most notably:
- The battery is non-replaceable for the end user and therefore does not classify as ‘spare’
- The battery is rated below 100 Watt-hours per battery
- The battery is protected from damage and short circuit
The battery is assembled into an end product and classified to be freely transported on aircraft both in carry-on and check-in luggage. When carried-on, please keep the provided product 
documentation with the device in order to be able to provide regulatory agencies relevant 
information about your device when requested. 
Tested in combination with the Insulation Box CX2005 and Insulation Box Logger Bracket CX3050

ested with the insulation box CX2005 in combination with the energy absorber CX2011 (a high density energy-collecting media) with a start temperature of 20°C (68°F).

CX2013  Heat sink LDPE Add-on module for insulation box CX2002, CX2017 and 2005
CX2014  Heat sink U-shaped for insulation box CX2003 
CX2011  Heat sink LDPE for insulation box CX2002, CX2017 and CX2005
CX2012  Extra heat sink for insulation box CX2002 
CX3050 Insulation box logger bracket
CX2100 CurveX Basic probe identification kit (1-6)
CM1105 USB Cable
CX2077   Ideal Finish Analysis Software on CD with printed manual in box 
• Do not exceed the specified time at temperature limits in order to protect the equipment.
• Maintenance and inspection should be carried out at the correct intervals
• Operating personnel should be informed before starting with maintenance or repair work
• Do not open the instrument. In case of malfunction always consult the manufacturer. Not suitable to be put in the sun
  or in the high light

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